Annual Report 2011


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2011
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Product responsibility

To eliminate hazards, all stages of the product life cycle are assessed with view to their impact on human and environmental safety.

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The LOTOS Group assesses the impact of all its products obtained from crude oil refining on human health and safety, as required by the REACH Regulation concerning the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals. The Regulation is an extensive EU-wide legal act adopted to systematise and codify the requirements aimed to ensure protection of human health and the environment during production, use and import of chemicals.

The implementation of the REACH Regulation is expected to take 11 years, however the majority of measures regarding the registration of substances were completed in 2010.

The registration was made jointly with other refineries, based on relevant agreements concluded through the agency of CONCAWE, an organization of oil companies whose research covers water and air quality. As part of the registration process, common classification criteria were agreed, labelling was proposed and the results of toxicity, ecotoxicity, physicochemical and identification testing were presented. Thanks to acting jointly, the cost of research and office work was considerably reduced relative to the Company’s initial estimates.

Grupa LOTOS was automatically placed on several SIEFs (Scientific Information Exchange Forum). Information between individual companies as part of SIEF and with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) based in Helsinki, Finland, is exchanged via electronic channels. In 2012, the Company set up a Product Safety Team responsible for cooperation as part of SIEF. 

It should be noted that the registration dossiers are reviewed on an on-going basis to reflect any newly identified hazards and updated by Grupa LOTOS’ Product Safety Team, if need be. Also, the Team prepares Safety Data Sheets and Hazards Identification to communicate key information down the supply chain.

The complete list of the documents effective at the LOTOS Group is published on Grupa LOTOS’ website Link →. The Company’s customers may therefore rest assured that they receive registered and high-quality products.

Companies of the LOTOS Group perform health-impact and safety assessment at all stages of the product life cycle. These steps are aimed to fully eliminate or at least minimise potential hazards to the natural environment and human safety.