Annual Report 2011


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2011
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Important events calendar 2011

Information on most important events which took place during the reporting period at the LOTOS Group.

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Jan 5th

Grupa LOTOS was awarded the title of the “2010 Patron of Sports in the Province of Gdańsk” by the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.

Jan 15th

LOTOS Czechowice received the Platinum Laurel of Skills and Competence “Socially Responsible Business”.

Jan 12th

Grupa LOTOS signed a PLN 1.7bn contract for supplies of fuel to BP in Poland in 2011.

Jan 17th

At Grupa LOTOS’ Gdańsk refinery, a Mild Hydrocracking (MHC) unit was launched. It is the last but one unit constructed under the 10+ Programme.

Jan 19th

According to the Moto Scan 2010 survey, the LOTOS brand is a leader of the Polish engine oil market, with a market share of 28.3%.

Jan 20th

Following the APA 2010 licensing round awards, LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge AS was granted the operator status with respect to, and a 25% interest in, the PL503B licence located in the southern part of the North Sea.

Jan 25th

Grupa LOTOS was included in the second edition RESPECT Index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Jan 27th

In Warsaw, Grupa LOTOS presented its sales strategy until 2015 – Supply, Trading and Optimatization (STO). Grupa LOTOS will focus primarily on the effective management of increased oil and product streams, anticipated on the completion of the 10+ Programme, diversification of feedstock sources and projects designed to optimally exploit the flexibility of the modernised refinery. Additionally, the trading unit will attempt to optimise the valuation and use of feedstock reserves held (delivery to the refinery, sale and barter transactions) and to reach more remote markets for petroleum products, characterised by more attractive demand and price structures.

Jan 31st

LOTOS Kolej received a distinction in the “2011 Forbes’ Diamonds” ranking of companies with annual revenues exceeding PLN 250m. LOTOS Kolej came fifth in the ranking of companies from the Province of Gdańsk.

Jan 31st

LOTOS Asfalt received a distinction in the “2011 Forbes’ Diamonds” ranking of companies with annual revenues exceeding PLN 250m. LOTOS Asfalt came eighth in the ranking of companies from the Province of Gdańsk.

Jan 31st

LOTOS Parafiny received a distinction in the “2011 Forbes’ Diamonds”, coming 23rd on the Rzeszów Province’s list of middle-sized enterprises with revenues of PLN 50-250m.

Feb 3rd

Through its subsidiary - LOTOS Petrobaltic, Grupa LOTOS acquired a 100% interest in AB Geonafta, which produces crude oil in the territory of Lithuania.

Feb 3rd

Grupa LOTOS received the title of the Gdynia Sport Partner 2010.

Feb 4th

Grupa LOTOS won the first place in the “Investor relations” category of the annual ranking “Listed Company of the Year”, and the fifth place in the “Listed Company of the Year” ranking prepared by the Pentor Institute for the Puls Biznesu weekly.

Feb 8th

LOTOS Parafiny won the “2011 Business Cheetah” title in the Province of Rzeszów, in the “Market value increase and dynamic growth” category.

Feb 11th

Grupa LOTOS is among the leaders of the BI-NGO 2010 Index. The index focuses on the quality of internet communications related to social commitment of the 500 largest Polish companies, as listed by the Rzeczpospolita daily.

Feb 25th

LOTOS Kolej purchased three more electric locomotives Bombardier TRAXX MS. The company has the largest fleet of modern locomotives in Poland.

Feb 25th

LOTOS Petrobaltic’s ship “Aphrodite I” played an important part in the rescue of the crew of the fishing boat "Wła-97" in the Baltic Sea.

Mar 1st

The LOTOS brand received a Business Superbrand distinction from The Superbrands Ltd.

Mar 3rd

LOTOS Kolej opened a new railway dispatching office in Wrocław.

Mar 7th

According to a report published by Polska Organizacja Przemysłu i Handlu Naftowego (Polish Organisation of Oil Industry and Trade), Grupa LOTOS’ share in the domestic fuel market stood at 31.3% in 2010. This means a 3.1 pp increase year on year. The Company’s strategy for 2011–2015 assumes a 30% share in the market.

Mar 28th

Prime Ministers Donald Tusk honoured with his presence the gala event at the Gdańsk refinery of Grupa LOTOS organized to celebrate the completion of the 10+ Programme – the biggest Polish investment project in the last 20 years. Next to the new Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit (CDU/VDU), a press briefing was held with representatives of Polish television networks TVP, TVN and Polsat, and a several dozen journalists as well as the management of Grupa LOTOS and persons in charge of the 10+ Programme.

Mar 30th

Aliten – a modern open gearing lubricant manufactured by LOTOS Oil – received an award in the “2010 Product of the Year” competition.

Mar 31st

At Grupa LOTOS’ Gdańsk refinery, a Residiuum Oil Supercritical Extraction (ROSE) unit was launched. It is the last unit constructed under the 10+ Programme.

Apr 20th

The fourth issue of the bonus Navigator programme started. As part of the programme, customers collect credits redeemable for prizes at over 250 LOTOS service stations all over the Poland.

Apr 20th

The LOTOS Group came fifth in the 2010 “500 List”, having advanced four places relative to 2009. The ranking, prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily, lists the largest companies in Poland.

Apr 20th-22nd

Following replacement of leg shock absorbers and overhaul of the main crane, the Petrobaltic drilling platform left Port Północny in Gdańsk and was towed to the B3 field. The B3 field is located around 70 km north off Cape Rozewie. LOTOS Petrobaltic produces about 4,000 barrels of crude oil daily from the field.

May 11th

In 2011, during the 18th edition of the “Petrol Station” International Trade Fair, LOTOS Paliwa presented the concept of a new economy service station chain branded LOTOS Optima.

May 11th

Grupa LOTOS reported good performance in Q1 2011. Operating profit amounted to PLN 412.6m, up by 35.4% on Q4 2010 and 212.6% on Q1 2010.

May 16th

On the “500 List” of the Polityka weekly, Grupa LOTOS was ranked the fifth largest Polish company in the industrial, service and fuel sector, coming fourth  among the 50 largest listed companies. Additionally, the Company came tenth among the 50 most profitable companies included in the “500 List”, and was ninth among the 50 largest exporters.

May 18th

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, received a distinction in the Business Ethics category of the “Faces of  Business” competition, organized by the "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" daily and TVN CNBC.

May 23rd

Grupa LOTOS was awarded the “Master of Business” title in the Energy and Raw Materials category by the monthly.

May 31st

Lechia Gdańsk, a football team sponsored by Grupa LOTOS, won the first place for fair play in the Polish top league.

Jun 1st

LOTOS Oil received a diploma from the Ministry of Economy in recognition of its successful business cooperation with Uzbekistan.

Jun 3rd

LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge commenced 3D seismic surveys within the PL503 and PL503B licence areas, in the southern part of the North Sea. The surveys covered an off-shore area of 1,560 square kilometres. The survey results will enable the company to estimate more accurately the production potential of the licence area and to identify the best location for exploratory drilling.

Jun 6th

Grupa LOTOS and LOTOS Oil were awarded the Ambassador of Polish Economy title in the “Exporter” category in a competition organized by Business Centre Club, under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Jun 10th

Paweł Olechnowicz, President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS, received the “Golden Oxer” award from the Employers of Pomerania, in recognition of the successful implementation of the +10 Programme.

Jun 14th

Grupa LOTOS received a distinction in the “Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility” category of the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Jun 15th

Grupa LOTOS and Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Rurociągów Naftowych "Przyjaźń" signed a letter of intent concerning joint construction of underground storage facilities for crude oil and liquid fuels.

Jun 15th

The Polish Ski Federation, Grupa LOTOS (as a general sponsor of Polish skiing) and Kamil Stoch (a member of the Polish ski jumping team) signed a letter of intent concerning mutual cooperation on the implementation of the National Ski Jumping Development Programme “In Search for the Champion’s Successors”.

Jun 22nd

Grupa LOTOS became the main partner of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the organization of the International Year of Chemistry in Poland. 2011 also marks the centenary of awarding Maria Skłodowska-Curie a Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Jun 24th

Grupa LOTOS won the 12th edition of the Human Resources Management Leader awards of the Institute of Labour and Social Studies, receiving the Amber Statuette.

Jun 27th

The production platform which is to operate on the YME field in the North Sea was installed on the site. LOTOS Exploration & Production Norge holds a 20% interest in the YME field. The recoverable oil reserves corresponding to the acquired interest are estimated at approximately 1.8 million tonnes.

Jun 28th

The Ordinary Shareholders Meeting of Grupa LOTOS appointed the Company’s Supervisory Board for the 8th term of office.

Jul 13th

The first three service station of the economy LOTOS Optima segment were opened in Warsaw.

Jul 14th

Grupa LOTOS was included in the third edition RESPECT Index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Aug 19th

A LOTOS service station in Bydgoszcz received the full score – 100% – in the international survey conducted by International Service Check. The entire LOTOS chain ranked third in Poland.

Aug 19th

The fire brigade of LOTOS Straż received a new MAN fire engine. It will replace the popular Stayer, which has been in service for a long time.

Aug 20th

The ABC of Safety Motor Picnic was organized on the Sopot pier. The emphasis was put on driving culture and economical driving. Grupa LOTOS was involved in the organization of the event for the fourth time. The event was organized as part of the LOTOS Safety Academy (Akademia Bezpieczeństwa LOTOS) Programme, which – through numerous initiatives, such as LOTOS – Safe Road to School (LOTOS - Bezpieczna droga do szkoły)  educates the public in road traffic safety.

Aug 23rd

Grupa LOTOS extended for another 12 months the USD 400m credit facility agreement concerning refinancing and financing of inventories, concluded on December 20th 2007 with the bank syndicate composed of Bank PEKAO S.A., PKO BP, BRE Bank and Nordea Bank Polska.

Aug 25th

Grupa LOTOS reported good performance in H1 2011. PLN 1bn was the EBITDA figure which the Company recorded on sales revenue of nearly PLN 13.3bn. Increased sales, higher crude oil prices and a weaker US dollar contributed to net profit of PLN 889m.

Aug 30th

Grupa LOTOS came second in the ranking of the best energy sector employers, prepared by Antal International.

Aug 31st

Grupa LOTOS became the official sponsor of the Lechia Gdańsk Football Academy. The sponsor’s support will extend to young football players born in 1996-2004.

Aug 31th

LOTOS Oil enhanced its product offering with the ultra-modern LOTOS QUAZAR K/FE 5W30 oil, to be used in the newest makes of KIA Sportage and Kia cee’d equipped with modernised gasoline engines. LOTOS Oil has cooperated with KIA MOTORS Polska since March 2007. At first, with users of KIA cars in mind, a special oil line - LOTOS KIA FORMULA - was developed, which was then replaced with ultra-modern synthetic oils of LOTOS Quazar K line in 2010.

Sep 5th

Grupa LOTOS was a partner of the international conference entitled “Common Responsibility – How to Enhance CSR Presence and Effectiveness in the EU”, organized in Gdańsk by the Ministry of Economy and the Responsible Business Forum. Poland was the first country to devote so much attention to corporate social responsibility during its EU Presidency.

Sep 8th

Grupa LOTOS ranked eleventh on the “EUROPA 500” list of the largest companies from Central and Eastern Europe. The ranking was prepared by the Rzeczpospolita daily together with Deloitte, a consultancy firm.

Sep 16th

The Gdańsk refinery operated by Grupa LOTOS hosted a group of member state ambassadors to the EU. The Committee of Permanent Representatives (from French COREPER) is made up of member state ambassadors to the EU at the EU Council in Brussels. The ambassadors’ visit to Poland was connected with Poland’s assuming the presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1st 2011.

Sep 16th

Furthermore, the beaches, seashore and seafloor in the vicinity of the pier in Gdańsk-Brzeźno were cleaned by LOTOS Straż divers. Once again Grupa LOTOS joined an environmental initiative whose primary objective is to awaken a sense of responsibility for the Baltic Sea.

Sep 23rd

Dominik Tomczyk, President of the Board of LOTOS Parafiny, was granted an Honorary Medal of the Foundry Research Institute of Kraków in recognition for his invaluable services to the institute.

Sep 28 th

Another edition of the local community-oriented LOTOS – Safe Journey to School (LOTOS - Bezpieczna droga do szkoły) programme was inaugurated.

Sep 30th

Grupa LOTOS declared that it intended to focus on a project concerning cavern storage facilities in Pomerania, as the next strategic element in building energy security and solidarity. A discussion on the subject held at the Company was attended by Günter Verheugen, EU commissioner for Enterprise and Industry in 2004-2010.

Sep 30th

As part of the “Junior GDAŃSK 2012” initiative, Grupa LOTOS funded another LOTOS funded another LOTOS funded another modern football pitch with artificial grass surface and lighting. The pitch which was opened to the public in an official ceremony is located by Junior High School No. 20 in the Przymorze estate in Gdańsk.

Oct 4th

LOTOS Oil added to its offering LOTOS Quazar S 0W20, a synthetic, energy-efficient, new-generation motor fuel. The product launch was connected with the bringing to the market of the newest city van Subaru Trezia. LOTOS Oil has cooperated with Subaru Import Polska since April 2010. Expert work and tests allowed the company to compose technologically advanced LOTOS Quazar oils, intended for protecting the engines of modern cars.

Oct 10th

Wojtek Chuchała and Kamil Heller, representing LOTOS - Subaru Poland Rally Team, won the title of Poland’s Car Rally Champion in Group N.

Oct 10th

According to data published by the Railway Transport Authority for the first half of 2011, LOTOS Kolej ranked third among rail freight operators. In this period, the company had a 6.97% market share by transport work done, however, among private carriers it became the vice-leader of the market.

Oct 11th

Challenges facing the EU oil sector and building the sector’s potential were the key themes of the 14th Refining and Petrochemical Industry Conference organized by the World Refining Association. The three-day event held at venues in Sopot and Gdańsk brought together over 250 managers of major refining companies, as well as industry experts. The conference ended with a tour of the installations built at Grupa LOTOS as part of the 10+ Programme. The Company was the main partner of the event.

Oct 10th

LOTOS Kolej was distinguished as a “2011 Leader of Rail Transport” in the carrier category. The title is granted to licensed rail carriers, transporting both passengers and cargo. The competition is organized by the Rail Transport Forum, the editorial board of Transport i Komunikacja bimonthly and the Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation.

Oct 14th

LOTOS Paliwa opened its first Motorway Service Areas on the new section of the A1 motorway between Grudziądz and Toruń. In total, the LOTOS service station chain has nine Motorway Service Areas which, apart from A1, are located along the A2, A4 and A6 motorways.
LOTOS Asfalt was the main supplier of bitumen for the 62 km long section of the A1 motorway between Grudziądz and Toruń. In total, it supplied about 36 thousand tonnes of bitumen.

Oct 17th

For the second time in a row, Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarek Baran of the LOTOS Dynamic Rally Team won the title of Champions of Poland in the general classification of Poland’s Car Rally Championships.

Oct 19th

LOTOS Kolej opened a new railway dispatching office in Czechowice-Dziedzice. This is its fourth dispatching office, after Gdańsk, Zduńska Wola and Wrocław.

Oct 25th

In recognition of the successful implementation of the +10 Programme, Grupa LOTOS was named the “2011 Refinery Plant of the Year” during a conference organized by the World Refining Association.

Oct 26th

For the third consecutive time, LOTOS Dynamic fuels won the first place in the “Consumer’s Laurel” programme in the premium category, thus securing the special prize – the “2011 Consumer’s Laurel Grand Prix”.

Oct 26th

Grupa LOTOS’ scholarship programme – “LOTOS Cup – In Search for the Champion’s Successors” – received an award in the “Corporate scholarship programme” category of a contest organized by the Good Network Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.

Oct 26th

Grupa LOTOS ranked first in the “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition in the Province of Gdańsk, which was organized by the National Labour Inspector. The award was granted in the category of companies with headcounts of over 250.

Oct 27th

LOTOS Parafiny won the first award in the “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition in the category of companies with headcounts of over 250. The competition was organized by the Regional Labour Inspector of Rzeszów.

Nov 3rd

Grupa LOTOS reported performance for Q1-Q3 2011. Operating profit was PLN 826.3m, nearly PLN 70m more than in the same period of 2010. In the third quarter alone, the Company’s sales revenue rose by 44% year on year, to reach PLN 7.6bn.

Nov 8th

LOTOS Parafiny received the “Polish Product 2011” certificate from the Judging Panel of the Central Office for National Certification – in the Company of the Year category.

Nov 8th

The two-days assembly of fractionating columns in a xylene separation unit was completed at Grupa LOTOS’ refinery.

Nov 9th

LOTOS Oil products once again won the European Medal for products and services meeting the highest European standards of quality. In 2011, the judging panel selected the LOTOS Quazar K oil line for the award.

Nov 15th

Michał Kościuszko and Maciek Szczepaniak, representing LOTOS Dynamic Rally Team, became the second vice-champions in the PWRC, a companion rally series to the World Rally Championship.

Nov 17th

Grupa LOTOS and Statoil Poland extended by another two years the contract entered into in November 2008. The estimated value of fuel sales to Statoil Poland by the end of 2013 is PLN 9.17bn.

Nov 21st

Grupa LOTOS and the Polish Ski Federation inaugurated the ski jumping season. Among the guests were Apoloniusz Tajner and Kamil Stoch. Grupa LOTOS – the general sponsor of the Polish Ski Federation – was represented by its President, Paweł Olechnowicz.

Nov 22nd

The National Labour Inspector granted Grupa LOTOS the main prize in the nation-wide “Employer - Provider of Safe Work” competition.

Nov 23rd

Grupa LOTOS received a prize from the Office of Technical Inspection for the long standing cooperation and active contribution to the creation of the Polish system of technical safety.

Nov 24th

Grupa LOTOS executed an open memorandum of understanding aimed to improve work safety, fire safety and environmental protection in the oil and gas industry. The Working Group for the Oil and Gas Industry operates at the National Labour Inspectorate.

Nov 29th

Grupa LOTOS is to supply heavy fuel oil to O.W. Supply & Trading A/S of Denmark, under a contract with a total value of USD 68.76m, i.e. PLN 231.75m. Accordingly, the total value of agreements concluded between the companies over the 12 months increased to approximately USD 216.52m, i.e. PLN 729.78m.

Nov 30th

Grupa LOTOS commenced an investment project designed to switch the Gdańsk refinery to a different fuel.  The Company executed an annex to the gas fuel supply agreement of 16th June 2010 with PGNiG S.A.

Dec 2nd

Grupa LOTOS was awarded the “Fair Play Company” certificate in a contest organized by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy.

Dec 2th

LOTOS Czechowice received the “2011 Super Company” title granted by entrepreneurs of Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Dec 12th

LOTOS Serwis completed the construction of the two largest ever 145- and 50-tonne tube inserts for heat exchangers. The receiver of the two tube inserts was PKN Orlen. During the installation of the tubes in the sieve walls, the state-of-the-art method of orbital welding was applied, which provided for the highest quality of the weld.

Dec 15th

In the 8th edition of the Most Valuable Polish Brands Ranking published by the Rzeczpospolita daily, the value of the LOTOS brand was put at PLN 865.1m, an increase of 28% on 2010. The brand moved up to the 11th place among the 330 classified brands.

Dec 18th

LOTOS Jasło received the golden “2011 Patron of Culture” statuette for supporting cultural events in the town of Jasło.

Dec 19th

In the “Teleinfo 100” competition, the editorial board of the monthly awarded Grupa LOTOS with the Golden Laurel in the power and fuel sector category. The prize is given to companies with the best IT systems.

Dec 31st

LOTOS Paliwa launched the 50th service station of the LOTOS Optima economy chain. Having expanded the chain to include 63 new locations, the company broke the Polish record in terms of the number of service stations opened in one year.