Annual Report 2011


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2011
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The LOTOS Group manages its waste in a manner that is environmentally safe. Waste that cannot be avoided is segregated and stored at designated and labelled sites, in accordance with the terms of relevant decisions.

In accordance with the waste management policies, hazardous and non-hazardous waste is transported by entities licensed to do so, first to undergo recovery processes and then to be treated or disposed of.
The recipients of waste at the LOTOS Group hold appropriate permits to conduct waste management activities.

Total weight of waste generated at Grupa LOTOS by type and disposal method [tonnes per year]
Year 2009 2010 2011
Waste generated during the year 10,305 11,472 12,384
Hazardous waste 4,242 4,218 7,338
Non-hazardous waste 6,063 7,254 5,046
Waste stored as at the end of the previous year 3,367 2,215 2,244
Total: waste to be managed in the year 13,672 13,687 14,628
Permitted value (data from the integrated permit) 89,627 89,627 89,627
Waste recovered (waste recovery) 10,215 10,836 12,428
Waste treated or disposed of 1,243 607 4
Incineration 966 519 4
Landfilling 277 81 0
Waste stored on site as at the end of the year 2,214 2,244 2,196
Hazardous 953 1,044 1,977
Non-hazardous 1,261 1.,200 219


Weight of waste transported, imported, exported or treated by Grupa LOTOS in 2011, deemed hazardous under the Basel Convention [tonnes]
Total weight of hazardous waste transported 6,426
Weight of hazardous waste transported to the refinery from external sources - suppliers from outside the LOTOS Group  21
Weight of hazardous waste transported from the refinery to external sources in Poland 6,286
Weight of hazardous waste transported from the refinery to external sources outside of Poland 119
Percentage of waste transported across international borders 1.86

The fact that in 2011 no fine or other sanction was imposed on any of the LOTOS Group companies for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations attests to the LOTOS Group’s high environmental protection standards and shows that the LOTOS Group assigns high priority to environmental protection issues.

Grupa LOTOS duly performs all its obligations resulting from the environmental protection laws, as well as product quality and labelling requirements. If used correctly, Grupa LOTOS’ products do not generate any significant environmental impacts.