Annual Report 2011


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Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Integrated Annual Report 2011
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Mission, vision, values

The Corporate Social Responsibility values of the Company originate from the commonly accepted ethical and environmental standards.

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Our mission is to pursue innovation-oriented sustainable development in the areas of exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons and marketing of high-quality products, which is conducive to creating lasting value for shareholders, ensuring customer satisfaction, enhancing and leveraging the employee potential, and which is carried out: 

  • in accordance with corporate social responsibility principles,
  • in an environmentally friendly manner, and
  • in compliance with the energy security policy.

The LOTOS Group strives to emerge as the most reputable oil company in the Baltic Sea region, widely recognised for:

  • high-quality petroleum products,
  • best-quality customer service, and
  • professional management style.

The overriding strategic objective pursued by the LOTOS Group is to create value for shareholders through optimised utilisation of human and material resources and implementation of development programmes in the field of:

  • exploration and production,
  • crude processing,
  • marketing.

Our responsibility for local communities and the environment is manifest in the commitment to ensure that our production activities cause no social or environmental damage. We also assume responsibility for our products towards the government, market participants, business partners, customers and employees.

CSR values, transparency, openness, innovativeness, responsibility

Values underlying the LOTOS Group’s corporate social responsibility:

  • transparency – stands for compliance with the most exacting environmental standards, commitment to ethical and fair competition, and counteracting human rights abuses,
  • openness – stands for the right attitude towards change, external needs and expectations, future-oriented approach, and dynamic expansion of international operations,
  • innovativeness – stands for the capacity to recognise people’s intellectual capital and skills driving the strength and prospects of the LOTOS brand,
  • responsibility – stands for the right attitude towards mankind and its future, the environment, security of our home country and its international position.


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